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Golden Ray Margarine

Golden Ray Margarine

SKU: 719200233829

Ingredients: Water,vegetable oils,interesterfied vegetabl oils blend,60%palm kernel/40%palm oil,salt, emulsifier,soya,approved coloring,citric acid,vitamin A,vitamin D.

100% Vegetable oil, No Transfat, No Cholesterol.

Net Weight: 227g (8oz)


    Manufactured by Unilever Caribbean Limited

    Eastern Main Road, Champs Fleurs

    Trinidad & Tobago

    Products are from Both Trinidad & Jamaica Manufacturers.


    Returns & Refunds admissable only for unopened items and within 14 days. Management assumes no responsibility for damaged shipments due to the perishable nature of this item.


    Shipping will process once order processing is completed.

    Please Note: Due to the Perishable nature of this item, it is not recommended to have large quantities shipped. Orders will only ship Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday delivery. Orders placed after 1:00pm EST on Wednesday will be shipped the following Monday.                               Management assumes no responsibilities.


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