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Pomeroon Cassava Cassareep

Pomeroon Cassava Cassareep

SKU: 51629003165
Add a touch of authentic Guyanese flavor to your meals with Pomeroon Cassava Cassareep. This marinating sauce is made with a blend of cassava extract, sugar, molasses, pepper, sodium, and spices, creating a rich and savory flavor that will take your dishes to the next level. While it's great for all your meals, it's especially popular among the Guyanese community for their famous dish of Pepperpot. Whether you're marinating meats, adding depth to stews, or simply drizzling it over your favorite dishes, Pomeroon Cassava Cassareep is sure to elevate your culinary creations. Pick up a bottle of this versatile sauce and bring a taste of Guyana into your kitchen today.

    Pomeroon Cassava Cassareep - 32oz

    Marinating Sauce


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